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Do You Know the Importance of Good Images?

Whether you are building your website for the first time or you are revamping your online presence I cant emphasise enough how important it is to have professionally photographed photos. Often people believe that the photos they take are good enough - wrong!

Here is why it is so important...

1. A picture is worth a thousand words
Photos are taken to tell a story or to capture a moment in time. They are worth a thousand words - if not more! Photos enable you to show your clients and customers what you are trying to offer them without telling them. These days people like to be able to see what you are selling them before making the decision to buy.

2. Your media represents your brand
Your photos and your website are very important when it comes to making first impressions with customers. When you are thinking about hiring a professional photographer remember this: If you have low quality images on your website this will communicate the same about your business. Whereas having high quality, professional images promotes the quality and your pride in the products. 

3. Your customers want to get to know YOU
Stock photos are usually what many business’ choose to use as they are an easy and cheap way to get good photos, however, they aren’t photos of your business and thats what the clients are wanting to see! When clients visit your website they want to get to know you and stock photos dont help them with that. The best way for them to get to know you is through photos of your business, your staff and the way you all work.

The un-edited photo is far less appealing than the edited version due to the lack of colour and definition. Editing photos just allows you to uncover more detail in an image and adding the colour makes it more eye catching for the viewers.

Article by Hannah Fromont


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