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Thank you for the opportunity to provide this proposal and for taking the time to read (and scroll) through this proposal to provide a regular newsletter and for the building of websites (using the Rocketspark platform) for your members.

We believe having consistent brand elements across all marketing material is important going forward, and sometimes when you've got lots of volunteers undertaking this - things can go somewhat array! 
We therefore provide in this web-based presentation our proposal.

Regular Newsletters

Newsletters, are a great marketing tool and can provide your audience with a a substantial volume of information, making it easier to create awareness of Neighbourhood Support services and offerings.

Newsletter are a great way of maintaining connection and communicating with your members on a regular basis. Through a newsletter, you can create awareness of what's happening, describe new opportunities to connect people to organisations who support the community and so much more.

During Covid-19 Alert Level 4, Kaz designed and produced a newsletter for SaferCambridge, to be emailed to their member list in order to keep them fully informed, during a tough time for most, but for some a very lonely time. The newsletter was intended to give members something to look forward to - and some answers!

The newsletter was extremely well received, and contained a wealth of local information, including information about each alert level, introducing Jenni Dacomb the local co-ordinator, stay-fit exercises from your lounge chair (with hyperlinks to youtube videos), how to interact with your doctor and local pharmacy (during the lockdown), IT information and much more.

Newsletter proposal

Kaz produce a quarterly newsletter on behalf of the Automotive Solutions Group who have over 60 members throughout New Zealand. The newsletter has many common elements however is also localised with changes of contact details, addresses.  We propose a similar kind of newsletter for Neighbourhood Support NZ member networks with the following included:

  • Relevant information to all member groups - i.e. good news stories, new laws etc
  • Tips and advice on a rotational basis (could be based on seasonal change)
  • A call to action in regard to supporting the network, as a member or as a volunteer
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Introducing your ambassadors
  • Listing all support numbers

We will also hyperlink to relevant websites for further information.
We also propose that for each different member network we include:

  • A column on the front page with a message from the co-ordinator with local information
  • A thank you to the local sponsors, as they're incredibly important. We'd make all logos fit within the same area on each newsletter, and we could hyperlink them to a website/facebook page
  • Local events that might be of interest
  • Individual contact information including street address (if applicable), phone number, email, website and facebook address.

We'll provide:

  • Each newsletter in PDF format (high and low resolution), for ease of distribution to each co-ordinator's network 
  • A 'print-ready' file so each co-ordinator can have the newsletter professionally printed locally if required for handing to those who do not have access to a computer. Alternatively we can arrange printing for you
  • A. jpg file of the newsletter front cover for uploading to each group's local Facebook page
  • A PDF of the newsletter for uploading to each local group's website so members can red it on-line or download should they wish to do so.

Below is the newsletter we produce on behalf of Automotive Solutions Group on a quarterly basis.

To design 'master' newsletter - $507.50
To 'personalise' each newsletter - $36.25 per newsletter

Notes for cost:

  • Prices are exclusive of GST
  • Content including imagery to be provided
  • We are happy to provide Shutterstock images at no extra cost
  • Price based on 2-page newsletter

Simply beautiful websites

Websites provide members with the 'latest' local Neighbourhood Support NZ information, updates, answers to frequently asked questions, forms to fill in, surveys to complete or even a shot to sell products from - any time of the day or night!

There are so many different options out there for websites, and it can be a logistical nightmare trying to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of website design. It's also hard work trying to have a consistent brand with 67+ co-ordinators all working on their own website and potentially different platforms. Let Kaz sort these for you!

During Covid-19 Lockdown Kaz built a website for SaferCambridge, utilising content that was provided. We then added information that we felt was useful to the members, including videos of how to exercise from your armchair, business information, community information - and the beauty was we could update it daily if required.

At Kaz, we work on the Rocketspark platform, and are a Gold Partner. We LOVE Rocketspark for many reasons:

  • their Not for Profit stance,
  • the ease of working on the platform which we know will empower your co-ordinators to be in control of their own websites, but importantly
  • website will automatically be re-organised for optimal viewing when visited on a smartphone which means you can make your own mobile website and you don’t actually have to do anything
  • consistency with the branding and having them all under 'one umbrella' - Rocketspark.

Templated website proposal

Our proposal is for a templated website approach for the network with generic information about what Neighbourhood Support NZ is about and the services offered. We would then amend each regional website according to their requirements. This could include:

  • Local flavour - i.e. Cambridge has the owl photo in the top banner of their website, Nelson, for example might have a beautiful beach scene on theirs
  • Local contact information - email address, phone number, address and google map (if applicable)
  • Local information - this could be business information, community groups, meetings etc
  • Local sponsors page. Sponsors play an important role in community organisations and having a website that displays each sponsors logo, contact details, brief description of what they offer - and links back to their website - it is a win/win for both parties - and Google loves it too!
  • Link to the local Facebook or Instagram page. Facebook can be displayed on the website, with a live feed for those members who don't have a Facebook account but want to keep up with the latest information
  • Blogs - these can be written and taken across each website as generic content, or each co-ordinator might like to write their own
  • Videos - hosted on the website and could cover a whole range of ideas - from how to change the battery in your fire alarm, through to how to exercise from your armchair click here for example
  • Donate button - make it easy for people to donate by clicking on a button, choosing an amount (you could set up a few dollar values as well), fill in their debit/credit card details and the money goes into a nominated local bank account
  • Shop - you can sell online in each area - i.e. Fire Blanket (which is sold to you for $5.00 and you on-sell for $10.00 - the $5.00 profit being a donation. This could also be utilised for stickers and any other product that could be 'sold' online. The shop could also be utilised as the platform for fundraising initiatives.

We'll provide:

  • The design of the website following your branding guidelines.
  • Training, Training, Training! We will provide training to each group either in person (Waikato area) or via Zoom with shared screen.
  • We will provide a 'How To Manual' for members to have to refer back to. This will also be an online manual that they can download if required possibly from your national website.
  • Google Analytics - Helping co-ordinators understand how their website is going, who is visiting, when they're visiting and what device they're looking at the website on.
  • Regular contact with the co-ordinators to ensure that they're okay with the website and do they need a hand.
  • Support - all websites that Kaz build are in our 'studio' and we are able to go onto the website and make amendments as requested - sometimes while we are talking to our clients on the phone - it's that easy!
  • SSL Certificate - website security through a SSL certificate is important and ensures confidential information such as credit card numbers and login information is less vulnerable to being intercepted.
  • Favicon - a little website icon that strengthens your web branding and improves the usability of your site

SaferCambridge's analytics showed us:

During Alert Level 4 to Level 2 people were looking at the website from the following devices:


were on a Desktop Computer 


were on a Mobile device


were looking on a Tablet

SaferCambridge's analytics showed us that during Alert Level 4 to Level 2 people looking at the website were from:


of visitors were from
New Zealand


of visitors were from


of visitors were from
United States


of visitors were from Australia


of visitors were from

Design of each website - $2,500.00
Rocketspark* Not for Profit hosting fee - $180.00 per site

Notes for cost:

  • Above prices are exclusive of GST
  • Kaz can provide a quote for each website to help with funding applications
  • A deposit is required before each website is built
  • Rocketspark* is willing to look at their cost of hosting fee should this proposal be successful
  • Rocketspark* hosting fee is paid on a yearly basis
  • Our normal cost to build a website is $3,500 
  • Websites are limited to 8 pages in the menu, however can have many 'hidden pages' that are linked via either buttons or hyperlinks throughout the website.

What do we need from you?

We would need to touch base with each co-ordinator to discuss their requirements. From there we will require the following - to make life easier for everyone:

  • Text supplied in a word document
  • Photos supplied in the highest resolution as possible
  • Logos to be provided, preferably in vector format (it can be increased in size without losing its resolution), however we know that sometimes, that's just too hard, so again, a high resolution jpg.
  • People who are willing to work through a process, and we'll hand-hold as much as we can, we've been through it ourselves, so we know how challenging this can be for some.

...for your consideration, and if you wish to proceed, please phone Karen on 027 245 0757 or email karen@kaz.co.nz 
I'm more than happy to come to Wellington (always up for a road trip, or flight to support our local carrier) and sit down to discuss in further detail.


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