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Thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal to redesign two new websites on behalf of the New Zealand Sexual Health Society Inc.

Please read our proposal below on how the Kaz team would build two websites on behalf of NZSHS on the Rocketspark platform.
Why Rocketspark? Rocketspark not only allows for websites to be beautifully designed but there is also easy functionality behind the scene, which empowers our clients to be in control of their sites going forward. Don't panic - we don't just walk away, we give you the know-how and support.
We would need to build two websites so that we have a platform for the member login ensuring it is secure. Sadly we can't have a login on the same website to the same website. 
We will establish guidelines for brand elements and file uploads to ensure easy upkeep. Our commitment includes empowering you with maintenance knowledge and support.

Let's do it - let's work together.


Pages currently on your main website -


Pages that will need to be redirected to new site/sites.


Websites to be built - one for health providers, one for members | committee.

Mobile optimised

As we build Rocketspark websites, we ensure they are optimised so visitors have a great first impression - whether it's on desktop or mobile.
We'll ensure that images feature correctly, resizing of heading text, blurb text and button text to fit the mobile screen.
Mobile optimisation will be the last part of the project once the website has been signed-off and before it goes live.

Member's Only Section

We recommend building two websites, one being the main site for content so that health providers working in the area of sexual health in Aotearoa New Zealand can readily access up-to-date guidelines and professional development resources.
The second website will be for Members only - and will provide access to an enhanced range of resources and a subscription payment facility (Stripe).
We recently produced a website on behalf of St Peter's Swimming Club - one for the public, and one for Members of the club. 

Main Website

Main website has content for end-users to learn what's on offer with St Peter's Swimming Club.

Members Only Link Page

On the Main menu, there is a button which links to the below page.


User Login

We then have a 'login' page which is password protected.

Member's only page

This website design is based on original, but has information relevant to members only.

Add-ons to make life easier

We believe websites should be easy to maintain, especially with a rotating executive committee. At Kaz, we recommend these add-ons for smoother administration. Websites built by Kaz remain in our dashboard, allowing us to assist with alterations if issues arise due to illness or committee changes.


For ease of sending emails to members - linking back to articles on the website.

Google Analytics

Linked before the website launch to understand your audience and their browsing behaviour.

Google Drive

For structured document storage for both executive and members. To be discussed on use.


Utilising Stripe (the easiest method for payment) to allow for members to pay subs online.


Connect to Xero from Rocketspark to keep track of all payments - making life easier for administrator.


Below are hopefully the answers to any concerns you may have about the website we would build on the Rocketspark platform for NZSHS.


Enter your content...

Ensure site is mobile friendly

All Rocketspark websites are optomised for mobile. Once the website has been signed off by client, and before it goes live - we ensure that it is optomised for a great first impression by visitors.

Provide a link to homepage from every page

We can have a button that links to back to the home page, and also action-buttons to guide people through the website. On the footer we can also have the site-map which also includes the home page.

Display a statement of content ownership on each page

This can be displayed on the bottom with the footer details. On there could also be a site map as well as any map details (if applicable) and contact details for those who have scrolled to the bottom of the page.

Includes an 'About Us' page

An important page to introduce not only the organisation but the people behind the organisation. We would break this page up into the Mission | Governance and Responsible Parties - making it easy for the end user to know about your organisation.

Provide an easily findable way for users to contact us

At the top right hand of the page we can have a contact phone number (if applicable) as well as a hyperlinked email address. We can also have a button with 'contact us' and it can link to the contact page which will have all relevant details.

Includes a 'search' function

This will need to be either written code or an add-on from Elfsight, as Rocketspark currently doesn't have a search function. Elfsight is an extra cost of approximately $10NZ a month, however we should be able to add the search function with code to the header.

Link to policy on chosen external sites

Yes, Google prefers that websites have external links. We can hyperlink PDF documents to other websites, hyperlink icons or logos to relevant websites also. 

Provide links to plug-ins for all non-html files or page elements

Yes, we can have all documentation linked - PDFs can either be stored on a specific page, or we can also link to a Google Drive if appropriate. Discussion required to understand quantity and complexity.

Do not post empty pages or pages 'under construction'

All Rocketspark pages need to be turned 'on' by an administrator. Occasionally human error gets in the way, however the page can very easily be turned 'off' so no one else can see it. When pages are under construction they are hidden until 'ready to go'.

Ensure site is accessible to those using assistive technologies

Rocketspark is worked on platform to make it easier for those using assistive technology recently, however do admit that there is still more that can be done. From the designing perspective, we need to ensure that all photos are Alt-text named with a description - i.e. Doctor holding stethoscope on man's chest - so the end-user knows what is happening in the photo. If there is a specific word that needs to go with the photo - we could change the Alt text to read - i.e. Doctor holding stethoscope on man's chest checking for bronchitis.

Obtain permission for any copy-right materials

All material that is copyrighted should have copyright on them. It is up to the integrity of the end user once they have downloaded the file. We can possibly ask them to fill in a form with a click-box that states they will adhere to the copyright rules when downloading if applicable.


Use standard colours for visited and unvisited links

We will use brand colours supplied to give the website life. Links are highlighted on the page in a different colour to the rest of the text to show it is a hyperlink.

Use meaningful language for links rather than 'click here'

Buttons will be descriptive with a call to action, helping visitors to navigate to other pages within the website. We can also add a 'tap to call' button in body text if appropriate.

Indicate file type and size for downloadable files

We can add a description on all files downloadable on the website - with the file size which is important to the end-user. If applicable all files can be uploaded onto a Google Drive and size auto-generated for the end-user. Document uploaded onto Rocketspark will need to be under 20MB for each file.ur content...

Use an exit notification and disclaim links to non-NZSHS websites

Enter your content...


Enter your content...

Acknowledge with an automated form whenever a user submits a completed form

All acknowledgement emails can be personalised to each form and reply sent out when form filled out. 

Check box controls should allow a user to: Select one or more items | Clear checked box selections | Select the box itself by clicking on the box itself or labels.

We would utilise Jotform for complex forms. There is a free plan available for up to 5 different forms, and 100 submissions a month. If one of the forms is going to go over the 100 submissions that month, we can subscribe to Jotform for one month only to allow 1,000 submissions for that month (maybe sub renewals). We've used Jotform on a number of website - one recently on a Home Kill site - which has various cuts of meat depending on the animal.

Clearly and consistently distinguish required data entry fields from optional data entry fields

Fields that require data will be highlighted with an asterik. If the field is not filled out the end-user will be made aware that the form can not be submitted until certain fields are answered.

Provide radio buttons to choose one response from mutually exclusive options

Yes we can have multiple choice buttons with using either a Rocketspark form or Jotform.

Website Management

Enter your content...

Document and enforce your sites content management roles, procedures and style guide

A brand and user guide can be provide and who is responsible for the content management.

Establish a content management plan and schedule to review and archive outdated content

Kaz will do a review of the website 1 month, 3 months, 6 and 12 months after the site has gone live. For the content management and archiving that should fall within the site administrator role.

Set up an analytics programme to gather information about your user's behaviours, review data and make site improvements

Google Analytics will be set up to capture user behaviours and a login will be provided to the client for use. We strong suggest that NZSHS sets up a Google My Business to help with the profile of the organisation. 

Non-functional requirements

Below is why we believe that Rocketspark is the platform for your new website(s), based on the non-functional requirements set out.

Usability: The Rocketspark platform is very easy to get around in the dashboard. We will ensure the administrator chosen to take care of the website knows how to utilise the platform.

Availability: Kaz is the first port of call should anything go wrong with the website. We are available during working hours, however, if urgent, head honcho Karen is available on mobile to try and work through the issue. Rocketspark also offers an impressive after-hours service online.

Reliability: We've chosen Rocketspark as our only website platform, due to the ease of use for your clients. The platform is reliable and if there are any issues Rocketspark is onto it pretty quickly. We also have an 0800 number which is on speed dial!

Recoverability: This is an interesting one. When working on the website, it needs to be remembered that you're working on a live page. Our suggestion would be that the page is copied, all alterations are made on the 'non-live' copy of the page, and once approved the pages are swapped out. That way important documents aren't lost. We also recommend that if each website has a 'deleted' page and you actually copy ALL deleted content from that page onto the deleted page, knowing if you've deleted it accidentally it can be retrieved easily. Rocketspark does back up the system.

Scalability: Another interesting one. Before any work is done on a website build, the wireframe needs to be settled upon so there is scope for scalability later down the track. Generally, it shouldn't be an issue but never say never.

Performance: Can be tracked by Google Analytics, and great SEO. A report can be downloaded from the Analytics page so you can understand what people are looking at, when, on what device, and from what country - someone just has to 'own' that content and work on the results of the data.

Supportability: As mentioned above, Rocketspark has a great support service, however, Kaz would be your first port of call, and if it is something beyond our technical ability, then we would ask Rocketspark for advice/help. They have amazing support documentation online.

Security: Once your website is live, depending on the time of the day, it should be a 'secure' site by the end of the day. Having the SSL certificate allows for your website to be secure and your viewers to feel safe about viewing your site.

Capacity: Assuming this is about Kaz capacity - yip, we can definitely work on the project and finish it within the timeframe agreed upon - however it will always come down to content, content, content. We require content - i.e. photos, written text, and all documents you'd like uploaded to be given to us in a timely manner. We're very good at communication so we will always be in touch letting you know where we are at and what we are waiting on.

Accessibility: The website can be accessed by one member of a committee. There is the ability to add more users to the website dashboard, however, we have discovered that too many chefs can ruin the broth. Rocketspark doesn't capture timelines of who is on the website and what they have done, and this can cause issues if you have someone in the back end of the site causing havoc (and trust me, it happens).

Keeping your website on track

At Kaz, we don't just build a website and walk away. We understand that there may be teething problems, or an administrator is having to learn new skills - so we're here to ensure the training wheels don't fall off. We've got you back.
We understand that the committee for NZSHS may change on a regular basis. The Kaz team will be available to provide support to the new member(s) - and we come to you so you're comfortable in your own environment. 
We ensure the administrator of the website has a good understanding of how the website operates, around stacks, columns, brand colours, and uploading files - i.e. podcasts, webinars, YouTube, hyperlinking etc. 

Who is Kaz?

We are do-it-all graphic and website designers, based in Cambridge. And yet we're more than that.
What do we design? Everything. Big stuff, small stuff, flat-out oddball stuff - we love the varied work that graphic design brings. But whatever the job, we give you the same professionalism and pizzazz to all our work. We're Waikato's creative spark giving businesses an imagination boost right across the board. With us, you get more than a look - you get a whole new approach to your business communication.

We are proud to be Rocketspark's fastest growing website design partner and their only platinum partner

Kaz - Design. Brand. Web are proud to be the only  platinum partner of Rocketspark websites

And finally, the costs

Rocketspark - $337.50 for both sites

The New Zealand Sexual Health Society Inc is a Not for Profit organisation. Rocketspark does offer a discount for NFPs. The cost is based on Option 1.

Option 1: Rocketspark Website Builder $45/mo or $450/y
This option allows for 10 products to be sold online (could be membership | events | and it also integrates with Xero. However, this option doesn't allow for integration with Mailchimp (E-commerce).
Option 2: Rocketspark E-commerce Grow $65/mo or $650/y
This option allows for Mailchimp Ecommerce integration and a few more add-ons. Allows for 400 products.
Option 3: Rocketspark E-commerce Pro $99/mo or $996/yr
Allows for Customer Accounts and Subscriptions (although this is an extra $30/mo)
Our recommendation would be to start with Option 1 - and have two websites (as per the St Peter's Swimming School) site.
I have spoken with Jason Tiller at Rocketspark today (15 August 2023) to clarify the costs:

Main site - 50% off the yearly fee as a NFP (normally $450.00) - $225.00
Members site - 50% off plan price (half of above cost of $225.00) - $112.50
Total price: $337.50 plus GST (based on being paid yearly)

Kaz cost - $6930.00

To design two user-friendly websites, the main site and member site on the Rocketspark platform ensuring the site is mobile optimised. Liaise with clients regarding content and any meetings required. Links between pages and calls to action to ensure flow and drive the nagivation of website views. Includes contact forms. Linked to social media (if applicable). Proofed with the client to make content alterations. A personalised tutorial guiding you on how to make website updates and changes.
* Any outsourced links or templates that incur a cost are passed on to the client.

SEO - $435.00

A must to get your website found. As part of our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we do Keyword research to look for commonly searched terms relating to your business and what you want to be found for.
Adding specific working to website pages in an organic way (adjusting H1, H2 and H3 headings). Writing metadata. Submitting a Google Search Console site map to allow quicker website categorisation on Google's end. Redirecting of old website pages to the new site.

Other costs:

Elfsight - if we have the map as per the Clinics page. We could have a map with Google Maps on the site so everything is linked, especially if someone is trying to find a clinic. The cost is $NZ10 per month.
Stripe - there is a cost for Stripe currently at 2.7% + NZ$0.30 per transaction.
Xero - this wouldn't be a website cost, it would be a business cost that is being paid already.
Mailchimp - Free model can be used, however, if you want to have email sequences, etc, this might need to be upgraded. Business cost, not website cost.
Domain Name - a yearly cost paid by the business to keep the site alive - about $40 a year. You are already paying this.

Pricing on this page is exclusive of GST.
50% of design and SEO costs are to be paid before work proceeds.
Rocketpsark pricing has been worked on the Yearly cost - a saving of 2 months costs.

We'd love to work with your team

Let's do this - let's build an incredible website(s) together, ensuring that you've got a good understanding of how it works so NZSHS can be in control of the site going forward - with Kaz as a backup.


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